Let’s Not Argue

Water Under the Bridge by Britney King has a very telling, prediction like sentence early in the story: “We didn’t pretend we were something we weren’t until we did …” (p.11). This novel is all about pretending up until the time reality is forced upon the main characters. This is a story about the tumultuous relationship between Jude (or Ryan) and Lydia (or Kate or Callie ). Their relationship has gone obviously bad since we join them the beginning of the tale in a courtroom where they have just been sentenced to marriage. They wanted a divorce and the judge was willing to grant it, conditionally. They would first have to go through several weeks of marriage counseling. The judge’s final decision would be based on a doctor’s report of the results. Character reflections on the origins of their relationship and their divergent paths leading to the courtroom provide readers great story content in this psychological thriller.

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