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We Won!! … or Maybe Not

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Harvest (Dark Murmurings Book 3)Harvest by B. Pheasant
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In Harvest, by Bianca Pheasant, the reader will meet Elijah and Laurelyn Flynn, a pair of newlyweds on honeymoon. Weddings are expensive on their own without the added expense of a honeymoon so the couple was very happy when they won an all-expenses-paid holiday in Spain. The ten thousand dollars extra thrown in for spending money was also good. As promised, they were met at the airport by a liaison person. That was the way Nathan styled himself. Elijah was amazed that a person looking as dirty and scruffy as Nathan could hold down any job.

Elijah and Laurelyn soon found themselves just as scruffy or worse than Nathan. Perhaps it was the bags over their heads, the duct tape over Laurelyn’s mouth, the way their hands and feet were bound or the way they were tossed back and forth in the back of the speeding van. The occasional slaps and kicks to ribs did not add to the honeymoon fun. Things couldn’t get much worse than this … until they did.

It looked like the newlyweds and their captors ended up in an abandoned structure that looked like an asylum. At least they would finally get some answers. Which is not to say they would like the answers they got.

This honeymoon story lasts for twenty-two pages. Book Three of the Dark Murmuring series, like all four books of the series, sells for USD 1.40 but is free through a Kindle Unlimited subscription. The quality of writing is at the same entertaining good level. As with other books in the series I gave it four Amazon stars.


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