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Graphic Stuff Inside

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WARNING(S)  The name of the story is Guts. It is about guts. There are graphic descriptions of guts (intestines). It is graphic. And then there are the weird sexual components. How many WARNINGS do you need? Faint of heart (or guts) stay away.

This is a Chuck Palahniuk short story, Guts, published in 2004. It is available on his website for free at I was alerted to the story by email from Bones Monroe, a horror fiction writer I follow. Monroe mentioned that one of his friends could not read the story completely through in one sitting. (This is a short story). In Palahniuk’s first few lines he mentions that you should be able to read the story in the time you can hold one deep breath.

Probably not. That is just Palahniuk doing a word play on the reader.

Palahniuk is not what I call an “extreme horror” writer. He is an artist and has proved it with Fight Club for those who feel the need for proof. I was introduced to his work with Stories You Can’t Unread. This short story would fit in that collection. There are stories you read that you would love to forget but you can’t. It’s like rubber-neckers at a traffic accident. They want to see but after viewing they are looking for a mental eraser.

This story is like that. I read it because I like the author, but this is one I will be happy to forget. Read the warnings (above), avoid the story, or accept the consequences.


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