Tabloid by Robin Masters delivered more than I expected. I thought the storytelling was good with just one reservation. There were lots of characters and I had to work to catch up. My efforts took the form of going back, highlighting, and then sometimes going back again. Conspiracy fans will love this. There wasn’t just one conspiracy, but two! True, the first one is ignored for the most part; it just provides background for why Belinda Edmonds is under a heavy cloud of disgrace as a journalist. It seems that she served jail time for some things that happened in London where she was working as a journalist. There is a difference between insightful journalism and inciteful journalism. One of them will put a person in jail which is what happened to Belinda. After returning home to New York, Belinda was able to get a job due to the influence of her rich mother. The job was at the lowest ranks of newspaper writing and a “tabloid” is considered to be near the bottom rung of the newspaper hierarchy but let the healing and the slow climb to respectability for Belinda begin.