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Notes On: Hourly History Kindle Books

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Hourly History books are just what they say, readers should be able to get through them in an hour. They are highlights of historically significant events and personalities. I am sure academic historians could savage these summaries by pointing out that not all points of view were considered, the lens of cultural sensitivity may not have been attached, and even some dates might be disputed by experts. I hazard a guess that it was not the goal of writers involved with this project to forestall any and all objections by learned authorities. I don’t think such criticisms are fair. Rather, try this. As you go through one of these works, highlight something new you learned. There is a lot of general knowledge stuff here but you may be surprised to discover one or two things you didn’t previously consider. One of the things I found the authors of this project do well: they look at world events going on at the same time and the possible effects of peripheral events on the topic under discussion.

I find these books valuable for learners of English as a Second (or Foreign) Language. The complexity of language used is not at such a high level that readers will have to run to a dictionary between every paragraph. There is added value in that students will also learn content. It can be argued that some (or many or most; that is the nature of an argument) are Euro-centric but if that is kept in mind, OK. Readers may be motivated to do additional readings addressing their objections.

You can find these books on the Hourly History website. Sign up and you will get a free book every Friday OR for those who want to read more than one of these quick summaries in a week go to the Amazon Kindle page for Hourly History. You will see all the Hourly History offerings which are offered free with a Kindle Unlimited (KU) subscription. I usually have two or three of these in my ten-book queue.

I find these very interesting and a good use of free time between meetings. I will comment on several of these in posts sprinkled around various dates in this blog and will include a link back to this post just to express my thoughts on the value of this project.


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