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Run His Heart Out

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The Ultimate Race by Tara A. Devlin is a short story about a race. In this case, you might even call it a human race because Max is running it to get his mom’s name on the top of a heart transplant list. His father had already died of cancer so for the sake of his younger sister and himself, he wanted to save their sole remaining parent. But there were special rules for this race. The way Devlin sets out the rules increases the disbelief and horror as each new rule is presented. Detailing the rules here would spoil the effect, so I won’t.

Max had to get through all five legs of the race. There was the starting segment, the mountain, the junkyard, the school, and the home stretch. Each segment hid predators; those not there to win but to eliminate other competitors for fun. Almost everything was allowed. Most of the time Jo accompanied Max but they both knew only one person could win.

For this short story there is an ending … and then there is another ending, so don’t stop reading too soon. I gave this four plus Amazon stars. This is another selection that saves a reader money when using Kindle Unlimited. Or you can buy the story for USD 0.99.

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