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Simmy Doesn’t Like to Hear “No.”

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Déjà Vu by Emma Clapperton is a very short story of delayed revenge. Celia was a young teenager trying to get over a bad relationship with Tom. Her best friend, Lainey knew better than to invite Celia and Tom to the same party but that hadn’t stopped Lainey from doing it. She assured Celia everything would be alright because she had invited her cousin Simmy to the party. Simmy would protect Celia from the attention of Tom. Once Celia saw Tom again, the attraction was so strong she left Simmy to enjoy the party with his cousin. Simmy didn’t enjoy the party and a year later when he met Celia again, it did not go well for Celia. Simmy stabbed Celia to death.

But Celia did not completely die. There was some small part of her that remained to occupy another body. That occupation was not comfortable for Alice. She had memories that did not seem to be hers. She felt that sometimes another entity was showing her things in the form of nightmares. Alice sometimes followed impulses she didn’t recognize a reason for. Celia was hunting.

Readers might not know who had the most miserable existence; Celia, only partially alive and occupying the body of another, or Alice, tormented by nightmares and even daytime hallucinations. What is the resolution? Read this very short and very scary short story. It deserves four Amazon stars for packing a lot of action in such a small package.

Photo Credit at the top to darksouls1 at Pixabay.


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