The Choice is Not Yours

The Storyteller by Rob Burton is a very short story about a global, philosophical topic. Does man have free will or is there predestination controlled

Present Day Ghosts

The Ghosts of Scotland is, as the subtitle explains, a collection of ghost stories from across the Scottish nation. Written by Sean McLachlan with input

Imperfect Creatures

Fallen Angels by Marvin J. Wolf and Katherine Mader is described in its subtitle as a chronicle of L.A. (Los Angeles) crime and mystery. Yep,

Land-Locked, City Dweller’s Lament

Three thoughts on this one. First, it is sad to hear that what started out as a lovely morning stroll provoked such a sense of

Horror Well Described

In 13: A Baker’s Dozen of Suspense and Horror Tales by David Six, I will comment on each story, but they do have one common

Hits for the Hitman

The Man Behind the Bar by Chris Sarantopoulos is a short story (locations 201) which I received from Instafreebie, a platform for free giveaways and

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