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Watching is Mostly Boring

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Watching You by Gemma Halliday is a short story with the aim of getting the reader to read further, longer novels by the author. The promotion idea might be good in some cases, but I think this story does not do the job. It is bland with little excitement which is some sort of accomplishment when the story is about hitmen, lawyers, and FBI agents. In my opinion, it would be better to direct reader attention to the Amazon samples of the longer works. Based on this story, I will download a sample of Halliday’s longer work and decide whether to buy the full novel or not. This short story does not inspire me to look further.

Isabella is a high profile corporate lawyer. Dale is an FBI agent watching her. Presumably, this is for her protection, but readers are not privy to whether this is an official assignment or whether the surveillance if for Dale’s personal stalker reasons. Dale has been following her for many days. He has spotted an attempted pickup by Leo in a Starbuck’s. Isabella does not resist the attempt in any way and the two become an item.

Is Dale jealous or is it for purely professional reasons that Dale bugs Leo’s office at his work? The answer to that is up in the air but what Dale learns from the concealed microphone in Leo’s office pushes Dale into overdrive in his attempts to assure Isabelle’s safety.

What happens next, and what the reader thinks of it, will determine whether the reader is likely to investigate the author’s longer works. I gave it three Amazon stars due to lack of excitement and predictability. The story was on sale on Amazon for USD 0.00.


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