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The Wand Has It

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For those that think a cover has little to do with a reader’s selection, I beg to differ. How could I pass up a title like Hidden: A Pregnant Fairy Godmother’s Journey? This is like finding a whole new subculture. I found the cover tastefully provocative. No, I won’t explain what that means.

Ciera is a fairy godmother who interacts with humans. That is the fairy godmother mission; it is what they do. But there are lines that can’t be crossed. Ciera loved spending time on Erde, one of three alternative universes: The Fairy Realm, Erde, and Earth. But she was curious about Earth and, even though the human realm was off-limits, Ciera looked forward to new challenges. Granting a wish to a human while she was in a dream state was possible, she knew the man wished for something although the wish wasn’t clear. She touched a finger to each of his hands, a light traveled from the man to her and she felt that his wish had been granted. Thinking back on it, he must have wished for a child. She still didn’t understand her increasingly evident pregnancy, one she tried to hide with glamor spells. Fairy pregnancies had to result from touching all ten fingers. That hadn’t happened in her case, and the result would be a cultural taboo.

There were taboos and almost taboos. In the fairy realm, there were red, green and blue fairies. Ciera was a special purple fairy, the only purple fairy, and there was going to be a problem finding a husband. Purple fairies were rare but inter-color reproduction was permitted. Crossing the line to have a human baby was not. She, her father and her family would be in disgrace, possibly banished from the Fairy Realm. The only way to manage this was to admit everything to her father. After she did so, he would come up with a solution. His solution was banishment to the village of Chicago until the birth of the child. The pregnancy would be hidden as far as the Fairy Realm was concerned. After the child’s birth, her magic powers would return, she would give the child to the father to raise, per tradition, and she would return home.

But first, she would have to survive Chicago, find the father of her child, and give birth. Living on earth was not easy. There was something called money; she had none. There were dog monsters intent on licking and possibly eating her. There was the possibility of dissection. There were no platypus eggs. By chance, she met Dane, an empathetic human who had lost a wife, was raising a daughter, and made his living as a thief. That last did not please Ciera.

This is a delightful fantasy with wonderful descriptions of what happens when reality worlds meet fantasy. It is closer to reality than Alice in Wonderland but there is an absence of drugs. We are not sure if love can conquer all, but we are rooting for it. Readers can decide who were the winners and losers at the unexpected end of this pleasant tale.


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