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Eyes of the Coachman

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The Coachman by Bianca Pheasant is a 19-page short story and is Selection One in the Dark Murmurings series. I read these selections on Kindle Unlimited because I pay no more than the subscription price (USD 9.99 per month) and I can borrow an unlimited number of books. This is a great way to read short stories for next-to-nothing.

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There was a nighttime curfew that may have been inspired by the three girls missing the month before. Jane didn’t believe that. She thought the girls had simply run away from existence in a boring town. Jane certainly didn’t believe the story about a coach led by horses (possibly breathing fire) with a driver who offered girls a ride.

Belief or not, she heard the horses. She met the coachman and was unable to avoid his eyes. He made her feel good; he made her smile; he made her say yes to his invitation to enter the coach. She could have done without the chloroformed rag over her nose and mouth. After she woke up in the cemetery she also could have done without his cohorts or the inscription on the headstone. Inscriptions are not usually written in the future tense.

Rinse and repeat.

The Coachman lived long ago. The language used in this tale is modern. The contrast is only one interesting element of Pheasant’s writing style. I gave this four Amazon star and will read more of this author’s writing.



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