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Motorcycle Rebel Story

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No Time To Bleed by Dusty Sharp is a biker revenge story. It is all action with very little of what could be called depth. For action fans, this is good. The action scenes are real. And there are motorcycles as a bonus.

Austin Conrad was a perpetual rebel. As a child, he had been raised by his father Wayne who had turned to the life of a biker on the road in a gang known as the Rattlers when he had returned from Vietnam. It was almost natural that Austin would enter the Army. After a few combat operations, Austin returned home after a notification that his father had died. He then joined Special Forces and began performing special operations tasks in the Middle East. He quickly figured out he was only a tool in a never-ending conflict and returned to a life in the US. It was almost logical that he would join the Rattlers.

The biker gang disappointed Austin. He felt that he was again being used to achieve a goal he had no part in defining. It was time to quit, again. But the Rattlers were having none of that. Austin had cut off his patches, turned in his vest, and hit the road. And now the gang members were after him. They didn’t want to talk; they wanted to eliminate him.

The first one, Cable Guy, almost got him with the cable across the road at night. From then, it was all downhill for the Rattlers as Austin determined to eliminate three of the four chasing him. The fourth would be sent back to the gang with a message. Enlisting the help of a friend of his father’s, Austin and friend did a credible job of revenge in this well-constructed tale. Of course, there is a cliffhanger. That is why readers want to know the story.

The writing is well done, credible and fast-paced. I gave it four Amazon stars. I got this book from the author’s website. It is on sale for USD 0.99 on Amazon and is NOT offered through Kindle Unlimited.


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