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Dystopian, Fantasy, & Cyberpunk Tales

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According to Neil Mosspark, author of Tales from the Mosspark Universe: Vol. 2, the following short tales are backstories to different parts of the Mosspark Universe. The author claims that you need no knowledge other than that contained within the short stories to enjoy them; they are all stand-alone stories.

This collection does what it was designed to do well, spur interest in the more complete treatments through novels of this fantasy, dystopian, cyberpunk world. I will be interested in reading more about Olivia and Abe (the first two sections) but cyberpunk does not work well for me as a genre. Two out of three isn’t bad.


Incompatible               This is an apology to the “pink species” (probably earthlings) from one of many monsters that were transported as slaves by a “yellow” species to take over Earth. The narrator, “who” seems to be some sort of slime has left a recording explaining a revolt against the “yellow” species and the subsequent escape of captives from several different species, all to the possible detriment of earthlings.

Trapped           Abe had been drunk the night before, a state with which he was very familiar. As he pried his way to consciousness, he did the usual checks. Did he recognize the clothes beside the bed as his? Were there any unfamiliar creatures hiding beneath the bedclothes? No, to all of that but there was some sort of back membranous material blocking his way to the bathroom. And wherever he touched it produced numbness in his own body. Also, the building he lived in rumbled and groaned periodically. Clearly, it was time to move on. He might even stop drinking.


Survivor          This is a backstory to Olivia. She lives in a dangerous area as a teenager; her cop father had died in the invasion. In this story she is looting food, saving stray cats and fighting off marauding gangs that are no different from gangs we are presently familiar with. The only different emphasis is the emphasis on food. Everyone is foraging for it.

Suspect            In this backstory to Olivia we meet her when she is older. She is a mercenary and a bounty hunter. Through her descriptions, we can see the new alien filled society, the quarantine zone and the organization of various criminal gangs.

Contractor      This is a story of Olivia solidly embedded in her role of private contractor for mysterious jobs, what some people would call a mercenary.


Dive                 In this section protagonist Jack is trying to interface human with machine through a complex series of nanobots. Based on this story, they have a lot of calibration work to do before anything profitable will occur.


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