At Horizon’s End by Chris Sarantopoulus is a short story of approximately 24 pages that I purchased on Amazon for USD 0.99 after reading The Man Behind the Bar. I want to warn you that this is a very sad story. Don’t wake up and read it on the morning of a day in which you want everything to go well. This is not a motivational story.

This is a story about Death. There are a lot of people at Stella’s house today for a ceremony in remembrance of the recent death of Stella’s mom. Such celebrations attract relatives and friends who stand around somberly and either weep or tell fond stories of memories with the recently departed. The telling of the stories provokes more weeping. Stella isn’t weeping. Dad and Nanny have assured her that mom has gone to Horizon’s End, a place we can all see at dawn and at dusk. She is sure her mom will come back but is not sure of the when.