Final Thoughts by Jaxon Reed is a very short story (261 locations) given to me through the Instafreebie platform which aggregates writers and encourages them to do book giveaways. Readers who download from the site will many times have the opportunity to register for the author’s personal website and mailing list. A reader who finds the site interesting and plans to download a lot of the short stories and novels should consider creating a dedicated email for the Instafreebie service.

Our narrator in Final Thoughts is not long for this world. Convicted as a terrorist and sentenced to die, his choices are few. He can accept lethal injection, a firing squad, or the guillotine. Doc has convinced our narrator that he has developed a chip that will record thoughts and feelings into text. Doc wants to implant the chip in our narrator’s head so that Doc can study the genuine feelings of a person experiencing death. Doc encourages our narrator to choose the guillotine. Not only will Doc experience the chip reading at the moment of execution, Doc will also be available to parcel out undamaged organs to those awaiting transplants in hospitals. Doc assures the execution will be painless; our narrator agrees.

On the way to the execution chamber, our narrator overhears Doc in conversation with prison guards in which there is disagreement expressed about the painlessness of the procedure. Our narrator feels betrayed. Prison officials just want to harvest organs. What can the narrator do as the execution time draws near?

Read this very short story to find out who got the last laugh.


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