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Artificial vs. “Real” Intelligence

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Tales From the Mosspark Universe by Neil Mosspark is a short collection (660 locations) of five short science fiction stories. I downloaded it free from Instafreebie and stored it in my short story file to read in traffic jams that occur daily during the rainy season in my part of the world. Both traffic jams and rain occur daily in Indonesia for up to six months.

  1. Room Two It was New Year’s Eve and no time to be alone. Yorick resented Janice for leaving him alone to clean the lab. But Yorick wasn’t truly alone.
  2. The Train Who said history can’t repeat itself? The workers in this story know how to make progress count.
  3. Item A21-R83.03 Lina had a feeling for machines. It seems like she was the only one in the lab that was so gifted.
  4. Crash This is the scariest story. The control and type of life that survived the crash has changed. Think of an extinction of a species.
  5. Job Offer Sometimes it’s good to be small. Olivia could go where the heavily armed men could not. This time all she had to do was get in and out of the building. If successful, she would get food. Things worked out better than she had hoped.

This is a good travel companion collection of short stories. There is nothing so shocking that the reader will abandon his travels to complete the collection. At the same, there are a few minor surprises. I am sure I will attempt more of Mosspark’s short stories.


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