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Horror Well Described

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In 13: A Baker’s Dozen of Suspense and Horror Tales by David Six, I will comment on each story, but they do have one common factor that I think will be good to look out for before you read. This struck me about three stories in. Watch this author’s talent for description. Do that and these stories will capture your attention. In some stories, the plot moves slowly but the talent the author displays with description makes all the stories worth reading.

Everywhere I Go                     This is not a Welcome Wagon visit.

Cutting Corners                      The title for this story is perfect.

The Gift                                   There are some gifts you can’t return.

Trappings                                He will make up to her later.

The Wrong Man                      It is every parents’ duty to make sure the children are fed. This is one of the better short stories.

Sell Phone                               The title makes this story; it is necessary.

Elsie-Bellsie                             The thing that makes this story good is the very detailed and creative description of empty rooms. And of the corpses, of course.

The Best Fall Ever                  Again, a very clever title. And one of the worst cases of mistaken identity ever.

What You Think You Know     My favorite line from this story is “But the day had leaned in on him like a crowd in a packed auditorium reacting to a yanked fire alarm, leaned in shoving, knocking him down, trampling him to jelly.” (loc 463-464)

I Love Him                              Family dinners are special.

Laugh Dance                          And the last laugh is on …

Moan                                       He wanted to know where the screaming was coming from. He knew it was stupid to go into the basement but against his own advice he checked out the basement. And he found out where the screaming was coming from.

Corky’s Shadow                      This story is about the shadowy world of ventriloquist dummies. Read the story to see what I mean


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