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The Choice is Not Yours

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The Storyteller by Rob Burton is a very short story about a global, philosophical topic. Does man have free will or is there predestination controlled by deities of whichever religion one subscribes to? This story will not provide answers, it will inject yet another factor into the mix, the role of the Storyteller.

The Storyteller is a contradiction. He hates to make choices about anything, such as what to have for breakfast. Yet he makes thousand of choices per day as he determines the fate of others that he has had some physical contact with. This may seem to make him the Devil or God but he denies being either. This is logical when he mentions that he is not the only one in the world. There may be hundreds or thousands in existence.


The Storyteller wonders around in his urban environment, in this case, London, and brushes against people. It may be in the form of a handshake or the contact that he makes with a cashier. Once contact is made, the Storyteller immediately sees all the possible paths that person may take in life. The person has possibilities to be an alcoholic or a church official, to get married or remain single, to pursue wealth or ideology. The Storyteller will choose for the person and unless there is a concentrated effort at interference from the subject, that person will live the destiny decided by the Storyteller.

This very short story invites contemplation on existential questions. There are no answers; it is a short story but it might be a beginning prompt for readers to “look behind the curtain.” Instafreebies offers this short story for free, a price in keeping with their website name.



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