The Mango Tree by Robin Storey is a five-page short story provided by the author in a PDF file. There can’t be a lengthy review of such a short story. The narrator, daughter Sarah, grew up in a house with a mango tree. She used to climb the tree and took refuge in its upper branches from unwelcome but persistent boyfriends. It was also a place to go with desired boyfriends. She loved the tree and trusted it as a keeper of confidences. As her father noted, her mother loved the tree also.

In this short story, Sarah visits the tree for what might be the last time. Her mother had just died and she was visiting her dad. As he napped, Sarah went through some of her mother’s possessions. Finding some old letters, Sarah felt she had to climb the tree one more time and share the sorrow of losing a mother and a father. She was also to become aware of a mother with a very different personality from the mother Sarah had known as she was growing up.

I am considering sharing this very short story with my students of English as a Foreign Language. The language is at a level appropriate for my students and they should be able to derive some interesting moral points for discussion.


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