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Don’t Stick To The Book

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Surprise Ending by Jeffery Deaver delivers on the promise of the title more than once. There is a first big surprise ending followed by a few small surprises that go to character motive as to their actions. These are also fun to read and appreciate.

There is a gang, the Federico gang. They are feared in part because of a gang enforcer, Angelo Ramos.

There is another gang, the Jack Kelly gang. They would like to see the Federico gang gone and vice-versa.

There is another gang called the Organized Crime Task Force. A group of cops led by narcissist Bradley Reynolds, they are in fact a gang. They wear uniforms or might, as in this story, wear civilian clothes.

There is Alan Seybold, a famous author whose fame has gone to his head. He still has room in his head to be flattered when the police ask him to come up with a scam or con that will enable the police to turn one gang against the other. After a long period of reflection, Alan comes up with a plan but runs into serious problems when he decides to be present at the sting operation.

And there are a few minor characters, those considered minor by the major actors. But it is this unrecognized, ignored, and disrespected group that will join to foil at least some of the major scam components.

This is a short 45-page read but the story is tightly woven to tell a tale of multiple fits of jealousy and revenge. It is so tightly written and complex that I gave it only four Amazon stars. It made me work too hard. But my work was rewarded, I liked the story, and look forward to reading Deaver’s longer publications.


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