Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

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The Price of Inattention

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Blindsided by Tom Bierdz is Book One in a Psychiatrist Grant Garrick Series. This book doesn’t present itself to be a great psychological thriller, but I expect it. This short story is completely unremarkable. Grant and Hanna struggle as Grant works to complete his degree. They have a son, Kevin. Six years after graduation the family has everything, life should have been good. Kevin commits suicide. Hanna decides their marriage has no future and kicks Grant out. Grant makes a few attempts at reconciliation, but Hanna doesn’t even try. Grant visits his psychiatric mentor who now resides in an assisted care center. Grant explains his feeling of guilt. Story ends.

Nothing happens in this story. It is followed by an excerpt from a full novel Fatal Analysis, that offers more promise than the short story. There is a conflict with multiple characters. As a reader, I believe I would like Fatal Analysis. Based on the reading of the short story, I would not attempt to read Fatal Analysis.

I have no idea what purpose the publication of Blindsighted serves. I give the short story one Amazon star.


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