Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

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A Different Kind of “Whodunit”

2 min read

In this very short but interesting tale, Myrl is speaking with her longtime best friend Faye about a potentially life-changing secret that must remain secret. Faye is a sometime author and Myrl worries that Faye might write about the secret. Revelation of the secret would be damaging to Myrl’s “father,” Gordon. While it is true that Gordon raised Myrl as if she were his biological daughter, Myrl’s father is not Gordon. Myrl’s mother died giving birth to Myrl and Gordon had never remarried. Gordon had raised her as a single parent. When Myrl discovered the secret and knew who her real father was, she was afraid the revelation would break Gordon.

Yet another dimension to this short story is that the real father didn’t know of Myrl’s existence. Myrl had no problem telling the real father who she was. The very famous actual father was, uncharacteristically, shocked. This short story will please readers in that most are well acquainted with the famous father.

The Other Side of Scandal by Abbey Pen Baker is a short story I downloaded from the Instafreebie platform, an aggregate site that promotes the distribution of short stories and full novels by independent authors as well as established writers looking for ways to further distribute their works. For the most part, when you download free books your name will be added to authors’ email lists and you will begin receiving additional offers from authors themselves. This can lead to a very cluttered inbox. I have a separate email address just for this site and the resultant offers generated.

Due to its length, this is a fun coffee break read.



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