Surprise Siblings

The Attic by Greg Meritt is a short story I was offered after I had downloaded The Adoption by the same author. At 369 pages, The Adoption will take me longer to read than this short story.

Sandra Jennings returned home for the funeral of her mom. After a two-week time for grieving, it was time for the cleanup activities. Unemployed and unmarried, Sandra had been chosen by her brother and sister as a person who was doing nothing else anyway to go through her mother’s belongings. Sandra hadn’t been in the attic for over twenty years.

The attic wasn’t made for habitation, it was for storage only and was difficult to move around in. Doing her best, she found a place to sit down and plan. Sitting in one spot caused the opposite end of a section of flooring to pop up. It seemed to be a hidden compartment with a container resembling a jewelry box. True, it was empty but interesting. After Sandra accidentally dropped it, the false bottom to the container opened to reveal two photos and an old newspaper article.

It didn’t take long for Sandy to figure out that the woman in the photo was her mother. In the second photo, her mom was seven months pregnant. In a journal, her mom described Karl as the love of her life. Sandy was confused. As the oldest child in the family, she had been born seven years after the date of the photo. And her father’s name was Tom, not Karl.

A journal written by her mother revealed that Karl had been killed in a traffic accident. After her baby had been born, her mother had given up baby Mathilda for adoption. Sandra had a sister she had never met.

The letter would have a powerful effect on Sandra. That effect is the surprise ending which I won’t write about since to do so would be a spoiler.

I gave this short story four Amazon stars. Based on the writing in this short story, I am looking forward to reading The Adoption.


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