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Pull the Weeds

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For Weeds Will Grow is my second read authored by David Six. I thought nothing could match the horror of In the Time it Takes to Blink, reviewed just a couple of days ago. I was wrong. The level of horror is equally high in this novel but from an entirely different perspective. The earlier novel dealt with a very sick psychopath (can there be any other kind?). This one is from the perspective of a protagonist as a child dealing with uncontrollable power that may master him unless he can take charge of the power. Danny not only has to deal with the gray men and back-eyes. First, he must get a lot of information. Danny senses that a lot of people around him know secrets about a power that he has but won’t tell him about his power until some important event occurs. Granny Noble and Granny Ally will tell Danny about his powers and he will face a lifetime of dealing with horrors.

Along with Danny’s life journey, the reader will encounter many interesting well-developed characters. Duke is the bad boy Danny might be able to look up to. A few years older, he knew things Danny had yet to discover. Duke worked in the repair shop run by Danny’s mom after Danny’s dad died in a garage accident. Duke decided quit the repair shop, join the Army and go to Vietnam. When he returned for Danny’s fourteenth birthday party, he was missing an arm. While staying temporarily in Danny’s house, Danny witnessed one of the Gray Men visiting and speaking to Duke. After that, Duke would appear at every unfortunate event happening to Danny. He was there to help.

Danny lived with mom, brother Robbie, and sister Lissy. There was a special teacher for Lissy, a girl who learned to speak late and perform most tasks with a concentrated focus. Robbie was an introverted nerd type who drifted toward the emerging computer technologies. Donny was his best and almost only friend who stuck by him throughout Danny’s life as other temporary friends abandoned Danny. When Danny’s powers manifested themselves through back-eyes visions, Danny would go into what appeared to be epileptic seizures. Temporary friends dropped way. Girlfriends were almost non-existent. In Danny’s junior year he met Becky. She would become a life partner and even share some of the visions.

David Six describes how he likes to have characters drive his stories. They do that in this novel. The story spans Danny’s life from teenager to senior citizen but Danny is not a single narrator. The horrors of things that happen to him are equal in scale to …Blink, but in the ways they are different David Six reveals his artistry as a writer. There are some startling surprises when the reader will be forced to make some 90 degree turns in thought. This is becoming a signature of David Six.

Most of the horror will be generated in reader minds. There are no NSFW warnings. Sexual situations are not graphic but remain descriptive. This is another David Six novel I rate at five Amazon stars for the originality of content.


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