This is a good beginning of a campaign stop the abuse from this outwardly jolly old man. There should be a special counsel appointed that could look into possible reindeer abuse. And how did he end up with a workforce of only elves? Where did/does he get them? Are they receiving a fair wage? How many female elves are there? If there are none, count back three questions.

Asked to comment on this campaign, the original Santa responded, “I didn’t do it. It was never me! There are way too many fake “Santas” out there ringing bells and pretending to be me. Trust only the real me. All others are fake news.”

This campaign for truth has spread internationally. Germany weighed in early and pointed out the real meaning of “gift” (in German).

Beware of fat old men asking you sit on their laps and whisper in their ears. There are many imitators out there.


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