Elijah Parker likes confrontation. In every social interaction, he likes to provoke discomfort with all around him. Sometimes he uses direct and impolite speech, other times he displays actions that imply physical harm. Sometimes he satisfies his need to cause pain by killing. In The Faceless by Kimberly A. Bettes and Grant Westerbrook, there is a lot of killing. Elijah is not well.

Carrie Rose has hit it big on the internet with a cooking show accompanied by a blog. Comments have been overwhelmingly positive; she even received an offer from a TV network. There has been one negative follower, a troll, who has been consistent with negative comments that have become increasingly rude and vulgar. The last few comments have even promised her an early and soon-to-occur death. This negative commenter raises old memories of a traumatic event that occurred when Carrie was six years old. Carrie lives in constant fear which might mean Carrie is not well.