Here is an interesting blog about bloggers and writers. This particular interview interested me because of the interviewee, Kat Myrman. On average, I reblog something from her once per week but I read her blog every day. The content is varied. There is poetry that may show up as a haiku or in a much more complex form which she usually explains in a type of notation that I just accept. As a non-poet, I can’t appreciate the rhyming schemes but the content is impressive and evocative.

Read through the post and follow the links for a Kat Myrman sampler. As you are reading, consider this. She works as an Executive Assistant from 0900 to 1700. And on several days in a week, she may post creative content more than once per day.

On my blog, I even have a category for Kat Myrman. Not a tag, a category. Her writing will jolt your brain awake and make you a better worker. This works for me, your time zone may differ.

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