Interview with the Amazing Poet, Writer, and Blogger Kat Myrman #amwriting #interview #nonfiction

Here is an interesting blog about bloggers and writers. This particular interview interested me because of the interviewee, Kat Myrman. On average, I reblog something from her once per week but I read her blog every day. The content is varied. There is poetry that may show up as a haiku or in a much more complex form which she usually explains in a type of notation that I just accept. As a non-poet, I can’t appreciate the rhyming schemes but the content is impressive and evocative.

Read through the post and follow the links for a Kat Myrman sampler. As you are reading, consider this. She works as an Executive Assistant from 0900 to 1700. And on several days in a week, she may post creative content more than once per day.

On my blog, I even have a category for Kat Myrman. Not a tag, a category. Her writing will jolt your brain awake and make you a better worker. This works for me, your time zone may differ.


Welcome to another blogger and writer interview. Today I’m sharing with you an interview with the kind, amazing and talented Kat Myrman. Her blog is called: Like Mercury Colliding – Moments of Unexpected Clarity.

Kay Myrman 1 Credit: Kat Myrman

1. Kat, Please Tell Us About Yourself and Some of Your Wonderful Published Work?

My Blog is called “Like Mercury Colliding.” and I have always loved to write, but it wasn’t until 2015 that I had the courage to upload my writing in the form of a blog. I’ve never published my own book, but I have been featured in a few anthologies and in online digests including:

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