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300 Words on Love

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This is a selection of 300-word stories about Love. It appeared in the 300th issue of Recommended Reading which was on Valentine’s Day. I missed the day but it is still the same month and the short stories are fun so I want to comment on them anyway. Recommended Reading is a project from, a site I found on Medium. This is the website that attracted me to electric literature. The article is about “literary liars” and has nothing to do with this collection. Love and liars, there is no connection, right? I have no idea how this collection ended up on my TBR list but I am happy it did.

In i love you readers can “hear” the frantic nature of the so-called apology. Try reading it out loud to get the full effect. It may be difficult to read the entire thing in one go as there is no punctuation. But that is what makes it frantic.

Thank You For Your Order, a standard last line as the seller declares “We have nothing more to say, your order was processed, move on.” We know that Amazon ships everything but this story might leave you “breathless.”

The Minimalist is all about getting rid of things. This must have dire implications for any relationship.

Newton’s First Law of Motion is that there is motion. In this story, motion stops for no one.

On Sufferance is about how not to suffer. Listen to the dog.

Dogs in Love are the same as “us” in love but with time-outs.

In Thumb Wars Thomas learns when to give up.

The Boy on the Bus kept going. She would protect him if she could or if she was brave enough.

Juliet Changes Her Mind and why not? Just because he killed himself doesn’t mean she should do the same.

Psyche in the Dark is better than facing singular truths in the light. The Dark gives her possibilities.

These are a lot of fun and obviously short. This collection should drive readers to websites where they can subscribe … for free!



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