Tue. Dec 10th, 2019

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Happy Birthday, Jason

2 min read

Geoff thinks it’s time to celebrate his son’s birthday. It is Jason’s thirty-third birthday and it would be nice if he could share the cake with Geoff, but Jason hadn’t lived past thirty. This did not stop Geoff from celebrating but wife Sandra refused to participate in a celebration that would lead to more depression and sadness for her.

So, Geoff celebrated in the house that had been Jason’s. He relived sports events they had watched together. He recalled talks with Jason about Jason’s active social life with the ladies. Geoff hadn’t invited the homeless guy as a guest, but the guy enjoyed some of the cake anyway.

But the day would not end in complete sadness. On Jason’s thirty-third birthday Geoff returned home to Sandra to find a gift in the form of unexpected good news.

But spoilers are not allowed so you will have to read this very short story to find/get the gift.


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