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Milk With a Kick

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Miracle Milk is a slang name for a substance that was an antibiotic, a hallucinogenic, and a very popular ingestible on planet Earth. It was so popular that after a while only the rich could afford it. It may have even contributed to Earth’s population growth. Like many plants, it depended on the sun. The sun was gone, so were the plants, and maybe so was Earth.

Dr. Irving was resigned to spending his last days on Eudora. Although there was a way to leave Eudora if all residents worked together, there was no reason to leave a planet when there was no destination that could be determined. The residents of Eudora would die after exhausting all resources.

Dr. Irving went on the last trip to caves heard about from his wife. She had described them well and returned from a trip to his home aged and sick before she died. There had been dark times on Eudora, but everyone had survived them, and the planet had been reborn after a dark time. The rebirth was due to a sacrifice made by Dr. Irving. He didn’t know whether it would work again. He was willing to make one more sacrifice to possibly save his neighbors and his planet.

This story is from a collection called Headshots by Idabel Allen. The setting, the scenes, and the feelings Allen evokes in this very short story are consistently dark and despairing. If the reader wants to feel hope after reading this, the hope must be supplied by the reader. This is a very good but very short story that I gave four Amazon stars.


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