Sun. Dec 15th, 2019

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At fourteen pages Redcar Collector by Glenn McGoldrick might count as flash fiction. Starting out as an almost absurd account of an unlikely situation, this story ends with three sentences that will make a reader go “Huh, what did I just read?” There is another question I had which has little to do with the story as presented. How does the story title relate to anything in the story?

Mr. Wilson is walking on a beach and finds a foot. Already this is a situation many of us may never face. This is followed by a series of improbable events and reactions. He takes it home (Who does that?) He asks his grown son what he thinks. The son is non-committal and accepting of a situation; maybe Jason doesn’t want to get involved. Meanwhile, Wilson goes about his daily routine, tries to find a job, reads newspapers to see if there is any news about bodies without a foot and generally accepts life as it comes with the addition of having a found foot to deal with.

Finally, Wilson just decides to get on with life. And what about the foot? That is why you should read the story.

It is weird and slightly twisted.


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