This is a free 30-minute selection from Offered by email as a Christmas present to members, I believe it will interest many members to look for the follow-up episodes. Melissa Lopez received a mysterious voicemail message five months prior; it was from an unknown phone number and sounded like a female calling for help. Rediscovering the message in the present time, Melissa decides to pursue the matter as a radio documentary program for a class project. Classmate Nick has found a newspaper clip reporting a police account of a girl missing near the date on which Melissa received the call. Melissa is on a mission to solve a mystery and complete a class project. The missing girl, Anna Winslow according to the police, was also a student at the university Melissa attended. Friends assumed Anna had walked away from university because of too much pressure. According to one of her professors, Anna was brilliant and could develop into a world-class researcher in linguistics … if she could overcome some hearing problems. After initially disappearing for two weeks, Anna showed up at the campus with hearing completely restored. Two weeks later she disappeared again. Just prior to her last disappearance but after regaining her hearing, Anna had been hearing voices that no one else could hear. She began public outbursts that disturbed all around her. Finally, she disappeared again. There were a few calls from Anna to her best friend, Laura. In a final call, Anna wanted to relay a message to Laura given her by Laura’s grandfather. That relative had been dead for eleven years and there was no way that Anna could have known about him.