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Suspense, Yes. Obsession, No.

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As noted on the front cover, Twisted Obsession by Yawatta Hosby is a suspense novel. “Obsession” seems to me to be more powerful than “suspense” and for me, the novel did not rise to my standard of “obsession.” It is a good story and for some might be very predictable. If I read the novel entirely based on surface reading and logic, there would have been no surprises. In fact, I was surprised; I expected more than the ending delivered.

Finia and Miki are the two principal characters. They are in love to more or lesser degrees over time. Although “obsession” relates more to Miki, Finia really wanted things to work out. She found several obstacles she thought insurmountable but continued to look for ways of accommodation. This was important as the two had a child, Jahlin.

Jahlin was a character that was not developed. His principal role was to serve as a reason Finia might change and a reason for why Miki would not change. The weakness of the novel is that the only character exploration was in the flashbacks that described Finia and Miki before they arrived at the point of Finia’s pregnancy. Once the pregnancy was discovered by Finia, the two principal characters established their character perspectives in concrete and there was no further character development. This is evidenced by character dialogue on the part of Finia and internal dialogue from Miki.

The best-developed character was the marriage counselor/psychiatrist, Mrs. Knight. She was the only one to look for strategies leading to compromise, something rejected by Finia and Miki.

Although it is an interesting story, I could only justify three Amazon stars. Perhaps the characters would have had room for development in a longer novel; the novella didn’t provide time and space. Finia’s office colleague and possible savior Patrick was not developed. Cousin Laura and possible savior was not developed. The son was not developed. Finia’s parents and sometimes guardian of son Jahlin were not developed.

This is a good story with lots of potential that wasn’t reached.


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