Sat. Feb 22nd, 2020

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That’s the Spirit!

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Breaking Spirits is a very short story by Glenn McGoldrick. If it were any shorter it would fit into a category that would include such things as a 300-word, 15-word, or six-word storyteller prompt and competition. Those activities exist and are great opportunities for would-be writers (me) to foster a daily word count writing practice. This is a download from Instafreebie, a comprehensive platform that supports free downloads from author websites. Since it is so short, I feel it valuable in promoting reading to students who are daunted by the length of foreign language (in this case, English) reading opportunities.

Martin is a bad boy. Martin has done a bad thing. Someone is blaming Martin’s dad for what Martin did. Is it fair that parents should be blamed for the crimes of their kids? Maybe not but in this case, no one knows what Martin did, except Martin. Kenny doesn’t know because Kenny is a victim. Martin will talk with his dad and commiserate. The police suspect Martin’s dad of a crime. Martin’s dad is arrested, charged, found guilty, and imprisoned. Martin continues to commiserate. What has created this feeling by Martin for his dad? Read this very short story to find out. It can be downloaded for free.


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