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A Collection of Fantasy Short Tales

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Bards and Sages Quarterly publishes fantasy, horror, and science fiction. Selections are usually short and allow readers to experience a variety of recently published work. After the stories, the reader will find a brief biography of the authors and directions to where the reader can find further work. The publication sends out a monthly email newsletter and when the Quarterly is published I download it free through Smashwords.

This January 2018 edition is a collection of 13 stories by various authors that take the reader into fantasy worlds. See if any of these worlds are preferable to the normal world you face.

1348                by Russell Hemmell                The jester succeeds in his mission to provide entertainment. His empathy remains when the fun is over, and reality arrives.

A Friend of the Devil              by James V Jordan      Was Dad there to help Hailey? The reader decides.

Blood Soap      by Steve Rodgers        This story will reveal the origins of, but not the reasons for, the 19th century English top hat and silly bow-ties.

Zillah Harmonia         by J.G. Follansbee       The world is finally dealing with its environmental problems but that doesn’t mean everybody is happy about it.

High in the Sky            by George Nikolopoulos         Be the seagull.

The Eternal Life of the First Emperor            by Peter Medeiros       This story is about how to use political power. It could have been written by Machiavelli.

People of the Dragon             by Robin Reed           This is a clever story of how legends are created. This legend was used to bluff a way out of outright hostilities between two factions almost at war.

And Drown Melancholy                      by Scarlett R. Algee    Charlotte wanted to drown her sorrows but there is no way in the world that was going to happen.

Somewhere, Somewhen                       by Judith Field            Reaching out “in time/on time.”

The Dead They Come             by James Fitzsimmons            Some truths must be taken with a grain of salt.

The Lay of the Land                            by Jude-Marie Green              Jannie gave her new job a ghost of a chance. Mr. Smith agreed.

Wiersbiel                                             by A.J. Flowers           The soul can live on and contribute despite the lack of a corporeal presence.




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