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Love Is . . .

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A collection of ten short stories, an Experiment in Emotions by P. A. Priddey offers some descriptions of love and romance that all contain a twist. Only the first one, The Dark Secret of Padwell, might use language too strong for the YA crowd. The last story, A Bag of Conkers, delivers a set of absurdities but ends with an I-didn’t-see-that-coming surprise. All are pleasant to read as they explore themes of deceptions, misperceptions, jealousy, and heightened puppy love (also known as lust, but not graphic lust). On an interest meter, I give this collection a ten out of ten. There are none that I wished I had skipped; all are interesting.

The novel sells for USD 0.99 on the Amazon site. The initial description of the novel contains warnings of possibly offensive language and a possibly offensive theme in The Monster, story number nine. I suppose the theme referred to is abortion but in fact, there are three themes in the story; each one might offend someone. What happened to the idea that if something is objectionable … STOP READING?! Can you guess that the increasing number of vague insinuations that content may offend me does exactly that; it offends me? It goes along with the idea of turning off the TV if what you are seeing is objectionable, but I think termination is even more easily accomplished with the individual activity of reading. I like to make brief comments on everything I read and post them on my blog, but I don’t. Once I find something that goes beyond my tolerance levels, I stop reading, delete the book from my collections, and move on.

The Amazon description of the novel should draw readers in and not much more needs to be noted but that won’t stop me from making a few additional comments. The language is British English. I had to look up “conkers.” I don’t know when I will ever use it again except as an illustration of a word that confuses many American English users.

The Dark Secret of Padwell ==might leave the reader confronting a moral dilemma about when it is OK to sleep with another just prior to getting married.

The Green-Eyed Monster== is a story of just desserts. Gary liked his meals on time.

The Vigilante, the Author, and Niblit== will convince you of the superiority of feline friends.

Bowled Over== Rick was not the caring brother he should have been.

It’s Never Too Late==carries miscommunication to an absurdly high level.

Deceived== It is easy to say, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer,” but what happens when you can’t identify which is which?

Sacred Trust== reinforces a belief that there may be a use for Facebook after all.

A Weekend Affair== Just follow orders and you will feel better.

The Monster== According to warnings published on the book site, the micro-aggressions in this story just keep on coming. (Maybe).

A Bag of Conkers== This story contains the most humor as well as the most absurd situations. Always leave them laughing.

I love short stories because I can surreptitiously read them at work and sometimes even get work done. My employer’s internet server blocks Facebook and YouTube but they haven’t been able to block reading material. These short stories are entertaining in their phrasing, varied in character dialogue style, and unusual for me in use of British English. I gave this five of five Amazon stars.


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