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What Are The Rules?

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Revisions by Nick Wisseman might begin with a quick quiz. But the quiz is by text message and Blake is driving. He should know better than to text while ….

Because when Blake wakes up he is part of a celebration. The crowds are tremendous, but he doesn’t understand the language spoken. It might be Russian but before he can react, a raid begins, complete with shooting. Words appear in his mind to let him know where he is: Odessa, Russia, during a time of the revolution. Where did the words come from? They appeared almost as words in a cartoon bubble. Blake loses consciousness, he may have been shot.

Upon regaining consciousness Blake faces an almost Santa like figure, Galen. Blake has questions, Galen has answers, but both are on a short time leash. Galen hints at rules for what Blake can and cannot do while in alternate realities but another shift occurs during a question and answer session taking Blake to Roman times before Blake learns anything.

Galen is a mentor for Blake. To what end? That will be the surprise ending as Blake shifts back and forth through different time periods with brief stops at “Galen Station.”

This is an imaginative short story that will pull you out of your daily routine. And it is free from the author website. If you like suspending belief for a while, give this short story a try.


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