Sorry…Not Sorry – A Rant

What follows is a Writing Rant. To play on words, not really a pun, it could be called a Righting Rant. This is a person, it could be any of us, who has decided to take back personal control of life and resubscribe to cherished values which had become a bit compromised.

For any of my students tuning in, have you noted that while this is from a one person to another, the “other” could be any trusted person. A dysfunctional parent, an unthinking sibling, a valued family member who unaccountably no longer communicates, a BFF who has morphed into a frenemy.

And this leads us to the reader response theory in literature. We do not have to focus on the writer and measure greatness according to some standard delivered to us by distant, reclusive academics. Instead, look at the impact of the writing on its personal impact to you.

This writing led me to think and make connections personal to me. That is why I think it is great.

And that is my Rant.

like mercury colliding...

A rant, as requested for Mindlovemiserysmenagerie’s Sunday Writing Prompt. Interesting prompt this week MLMM. Normally I would apologize for ranting, but since you asked…

Sorry…Not Sorry – A Rant

Do I offend you because I speak my mind? Because, in your words, “I care more about my beliefs than I care about you?”

Now you demand an apology and my silence in order to be welcomed back into your presence. Sorry…not sorry.

The truth is, you offend me. You, and your willful aversion to the truth. You and your self-righteous double-life…all love and politeness on the outside while you fester with fear and hatred on the inside.

I guess you thought you had me this time by denying that I existed, by breaking my heart, by disowning me. It had always worked in the past, with me acquiescing to your demands, tiptoeing on eggshells, towing your rigid, unforgiving line…

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