Thu. Feb 27th, 2020

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Baked Goods to the Rescue

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Warped is offering number three from Meantime Stories by Syingen and Pedersen. Why “Meantime?” because you read these stories in the meantime. Meantime of what? That is up to the reader who downloaded the book. This very short story can distract you from routine tasks, so you can read it in the meantime while formulating the national defense budget for small nations. Or whatever.

In the ancient times of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, creation was explained to us with the number 42. For non-lovers of math, this culinary explanation may be more fulfilling. There are two and one-half main characters plus Ada to explain what is going on with this story. Captain Lisa Henderson, commanding, and Second Pilot John Bang must deal with a crisis. We will ignore Passenger Liaison Officer Robert Decker. His character is not developed, and he complains too much anyway. The 3500 passengers are just filling.

Something is wrong with the ship. It has slipped into a wormhole and is nowhere. The objective is to end up somewhere. The only helper is Ada who is more binary than bipedal and somehow manages, despite damages, to offer a rather organic solution. Cinnamon roll.

That’s it. The reader is on automatic from here. Nobody can offer a better, more correct solution than the reader.

So, get on with it.

Just because of the unique genre that I cannot identify, I gave this five Amazon stars. I liked the ridiculous nature of it.


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