Flushed by Svingen and Pederson is the first book in the Meantime series. The title is very deceptive and would be more accurately written as {{Not Flushed}} but after reading the story I must give way and appreciate author literary license.

“A retching reflex causes him to turn around and throw his right hand as far away from himself as he can, upward and outward, into a well-known, infamous salute.” (loc 403-404). From this point of the short story to the end there are elements of humor. Before this point, the attempts at humor are good, funny to some, and creative. Unfortunately, they are too close to the truth. There could not be a thinner disguise. For that reason, I found myself more distressed while reading this than amused.

I read the stories in this three-volume short story set in the reverse order, this one last. If I had read this one first, I would not have read the others and that would have been a shame. I found volumes two and three, Converted and Warped, superior to Flushed but that was because Flushed was too depressing.

Flushed was like making fun of an almost incurable disease (Trumpocratic Blockage). After a cure is found, looking back on this might be funny to those who have not had to live through it.

Still, the writing was good and in all fairness, I felt it warranted four Amazon stars.


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