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It Is All In Your Head

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Three, Four … Better Lock Your Door is the second novel in the Rebekka Franck series by Willow Rose. Rebekka is still the small-town newspaper stringer forced to be content with reporting on small-town politics and gossip She has time to take care of her daughter in the family home where she lives with her dad. Nothing shocking has happened in two years. Her office mates Sara, office staff, and Sune, photographer, are characters we have met in a previous work.

Anna was the first to die. She had met Troels on a website she frequented to schedule kinky sex that her husband couldn’t imagine. Troels didn’t die, Susan (also known as Anna) died while waiting for Troels who would be right back. Susan had been lobotomized.

Anders Hoejmark was the next to die. He operated a sports center and taught badminton. He liked his students too much, especially the boys. One night he left the back door of the sports center for a late meeting with a very attractive male client of the club. Police would theorize that such a meeting took place as they processed his body. He had been lobotomized.

Linda Nielsen was so fat that the Danish government had given her a disability rating and a place where she could live out her days with food deliveries and a caregiver who would stop by to give her baths. After one of Svend’s caregiving visits, she had ordered pizza and was resting while waiting for delivery. The pizza delivery guy found her. She had been lobotomized.

There would be other victims, but the reader can see where this is going. Are there connections between the victims that would provide suspects? Apparently not. Rebekka had to be feeling some sense of déjà vu as after two years she is back doing investigative journalism on a serial killing. Husband Peter has not reappeared. Rebekka has given up the Italian boyfriend for the previous novel as a bad investment. There is the cute Christian Lonstedt that Rebekka was lusting after, but he was a correspondent for a rival newspaper. Something didn’t seem ethical about that. And Sune, her photographer colleague, was starting to look at her with more than professional interest.

As with the earlier novel, Rebekka helps the police more than the police aid her. As with the earlier novel, author Rose does a very nice job describing Denmark as she comments on its unique seasonal changes. And as with her previous novel, there is a surprise as to who the serial killer is. After finishing the novel, the reader might want to reflect on this point. There is a killing agent, that is who the police are after but there is also a person who motivated the killer to kill (maybe more than one person). So, to whom do we award the killer label? The reader will have to decide in this comfortable mystery read to which I gave four Amazon stars.

And I am looking forward to the next novel in the series.


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