Don’t Cross A Girl with Glowing Green Eyes

Five, Six … Grab Your Crucifix is the third novel in the five-novel boxed set of Rebekka Franck, crusading journalist series. Not that Rebekka wanted to be seen as a crusading journalist, but she had been through two experiences of solving serial killer mysteries. The first novel was about revenge for childhood crimes when one of the children returned as an adult to exact vengeance. The second novel was a peripheral victim whose loved one had suffered botched medical experiments and he wanted to make them pay. This novel also involves multiple killings but in the setting or a cult. Was it a religious cult? Ostensibly, but the practices of religious leaders from this cult veer far from the path of normality. The cult emphasizes pain, torture and associated weird sex. Not that cult leaders had to suffer, except in their early initiation, but the greater mass of followers suffered constantly … and they liked it.