Willow Rose’s fourth book in the Rebekka Franck series Seven, Eight … Gonne Stay Up Late adds another dimension to the mystery of where Rebekka Frank’s life is going. At the end of book three, Five, Six …Grab Your Crucifix, at a point just prior to the Epilogue, there was an event that was almost an aside to the story. Rebekka answered a knock on the door to find Peter, ex-husband, but someone Rebekka could still be attracted to if Peter could get over war-imposed trauma. Daughter Julie also wanted her dad back. Rebekka’s dad even liked Peter. This made for an awkward situation as Rebekka was sleeping with, and thought she was in love with, Sune, her photographer colleague. Even though I ignore and gloss over romantic contexts that appear in novels of killing, horror, and mayhem, I wanted to see how this would work out.