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An Artist With Taste

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Willow Rose’s fourth book in the Rebekka Franck series Seven, Eight … Gonne Stay Up Late adds another dimension to the mystery of where Rebekka Frank’s life is going. At the end of book three, Five, Six …Grab Your Crucifix, at a point just prior to the Epilogue, there was an event that was almost an aside to the story. Rebekka answered a knock on the door to find Peter, ex-husband, but someone Rebekka could still be attracted to if Peter could get over war-imposed trauma. Daughter Julie also wanted her dad back. Rebekka’s dad even liked Peter. This made for an awkward situation as Rebekka was sleeping with, and thought she was in love with, Sune, her photographer colleague. Even though I ignore and gloss over romantic contexts that appear in novels of killing, horror, and mayhem, I wanted to see how this would work out.

I expected to see this cliffhanger immediately addressed. That didn’t happen. Not a spoiler, but we don’t see or hear much about Peter until around Chapter 30. Even then, we read very little of him. That’s OK because the reader is busy trying to figure out the ultimate fates of Amalie and Camilla, a pair of teenage rich girls who got more excitement than they bargained for when they sneaked away from their parents and went to a concert. The two were from the rich and pampered set in society. Amalie was even royalty, a real princess. Both were willing to experiment as they attempted to be one with the people. Amalie accepted some of the pills a handsome stranger offered her and woke up later in a container resembling a coffin. Friend Camilla searched for her and even enlisted the help of Rebekka Franck, a journalist on assignment covering the concert. As they searched through the crowd of concertgoers, Camilla saw a handsome stranger holding a phone cover belonging to Amalie. After a brief encounter, Camilla woke up in a container resembling a coffin. Allan, the abductor and would-be artist, had seen Rebekka talking to Camille. Soon Rebekka would end up in a container resembling a coffin.

To understate, Allan was weird. He had managed to join a group that valued the experience of killing. Members exchanged pictures and evidence of their successful kills. There was a leader who the rank and file killers looked up to. Members could suggest killer scenarios to each other, but the leader could order specific kills. The leader had placed an order with Allan. Killing, torture, and maiming were a form of art as far as Allan was concerned. He thought of his killings as artistic masterpieces. He was also a gourmet cook. Many of his live models served a more gastronomic experience after their demise. Allan had kidnapped Camilla and Amalie on order and would prepare them as packages for delivery to the leader. He would deliver them to the leader at a time of his, Allan’s choosing. The leader was not pleased; he wanted them earlier and the leader had issued an order for an additional live package, Rebekka Franck.

Will the leader get his wish? Who is the leader? Will Allan enjoy his meals? Will Rebekka ever figure out who she loves? And is that even important given that she is confined in a coffin?

Willow Rose gives us a story that is more twisted in details than her earlier books. There is an emphasis on horror. There is a rather complex depiction of Danish Royalty. Readers may find themselves going to Wikipedia to find out if there was really an experiment that involved Denmark and Greenland. This novel departs from the first three, it is not merely a continuation of the story. I think that is interesting in a set with a Series name. I read this as one of the novels in the five novel boxed set.  There is a new possible surprise element, not really a cliffhanger, that forces me to read Book number 5. I would give this novel an Amazon four star plus.


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