Sunday’s Week in ReVerse – 4 February 2018

This reblog from the ever brilliant Kat Myrman has two parts. Fans of poetry and verse will like the 04Feb ReVerse. Do you know what a ReVerse is? I didn’t. Kat explains it at the end of her post. I’ll just go ahead and appreciate the content of the verse. Her explanation of how she creates it leaves me in awe similar to the feeling I get when my son is trying to explain why a certain online game is great.

What I really, really liked was the first part of this post, “A Note to Self.” Once again Kat points out the power of language as it affects the listener. Students of language (me for one) many times focus on ourselves as architects of a message. We think about grammar, cool vocabulary choices, and appropriate register for a group we are addressing. There is little attention paid in a language learning environment to the feelings of and effects on the listener. The cutting, humorous remark that left the speaker in stitches might cause listeners to seek a place to get a few of their own. As you look at the two lists, it is easy to categorize one as negative and one as positive. For a mental exercise, really look at each “comment.” Some are double-edged.

From the “negative” list: “You’re too much.” Depending on the intonation, I might like to receive this critique.

From the “positive” list: “It’s never too late.” On first read, this is motivational. You can still succeed. But, by the way, you failed on your earlier attempt.

And sure, people can over analyze and take any remark delivered differently to skew surface meaning into positive or negative implications. Overall, Kat’s post points out the power of language. “Like daggers, they [[words]] have slowly chipped away …”

Another rant on the importance of taking responsibility as a speaker of any language.

like mercury colliding...

Note to Self…

You may have forgotten who you are, and believe me, I understand. How could you not? From your first breath everything you thought you knew has been slowly chipped away by the fearful, insecure others because your brilliance terrifies them…and because they forgot their own brilliance.

“Don’t speak unless you are spoken to.”
“You’re just a…”
“You’re not smart enough…you’re too smart.”
“You’re not invited.”
“Wait for your turn.”
“Go to the back of the line.”
“Get with the program.”
“You can’t do…or say that.”
“You’re too young…you’re too old.”
“You’re not ………….enough.”
“You’re too much.”
“Don’t make waves.”
“Get over it.”
“If only you had…”
“It’s too late.”
“You are being selfish.”

Sound familiar? How many times did you take one of these lies to heart? How many times did you repeat them to yourself…to others? Without realizing it you allowed these words to attach themselves…

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