Sat. Jan 18th, 2020

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Don’t Try To Be Badder Than The Bad

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The Wrong House to Burgle was offered to me by the author through a website. It is a short story published in 2017 that serves as a preview of the author’s writing style. If I liked this story, I would probably download some of the author’s longer works.

Kenny, Andrea, and Jack had a comfortable life. Kenny had a Rolex, Andrea had an iPad, the operative word being had. They also had a sophisticated home surveillance system so when Rolex and iPad disappeared, looking at tapes from the night before gave them an idea of who did it. Andreas’s skill with technology helped to narrow down the address where the thief lived. Kenny recovered his Rolex and Andrea recovered her iPad. But the matter could not rest there. Something needed to be done to warn the thief not to do it again.

The thief had started out with the right idea. Break into a house with something worth stealing. He did it at the right time. He might have gotten away but in his preparations, but he forgot to investigate one thing. It would be good to know who you are stealing from.

This short lunchtime or break time quick read might lead a reader to believe in the value of an evil past.


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