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Organ Harvest

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Nine, Ten … Never Sleep Again by Willow Rose is book number five in the Rebekka Frank series, the last book in a five-volume boxed set. I liked this one best and was looking forward to reading other series by this talented author. At the end of this volume, I found, however, that there are two other volumes in the Rebekka Frank series. Volume five ended in such a satisfactory manner that I can’t imagine what further horrible things could take place in the life of Rebekka Franck. She has had enough unusual serial killer events for five “ordinary” people. What more could possibly happen to her? A visit to Amazon free samples gave me the answer and I am sure I will soon read the other two books in the series.

Serial killers seem to be a theme for the five books in this series but the motives behind the killings are different. This novel offers four motives. 1)There are organ thieves involved. 2) and 3) There are two motives based on revenge. and 4) At least one of these characters/killers is batshit crazy. Lots of ground is covered here as far as gruesome deaths but there is still room for confusing romantic twists (yep, plural). As in all Willow Rose novels I have read, the writing captures my attention. Having read the previous for novels, I found a thread tying the five novels together interesting. Probably not necessary but it was sort of a bonus for readers who had read the previous four novels.

Henrick Fenger was on the road for business a lot. Varied female companionship took the edge of an unhappy home life. His most recent dalliance after which he woke up minus a kidney solved the problem of an unhappy home life when a police investigation of the lost kidney resulted in publicity that would cause his wife to leave him. Martin Damsgaard liked to pick up women for hotel trysts also. It had cost Martin a liver, not so good in that humans only had one. Henrick had at least survived. There would be other killings, not all of which led to an organ harvest, but all were monitored if not sanctioned by a gamemaster, Thomas De Quincy (not his real name). All the killers had artist or literary pseudonyms and communicated with each other on a net constructed by De Quincy. As a gamemaster, he tried to give them tips for success, motivate them to further kills, and collect tributes from his mentees in the form of body parts.

Into this rich killing environment wonders Rebekka Franck. She just wants to enjoy her vacation with daughter Julie as she attempts to rekindle a relationship with ex-husband Peter. But the duties of journalism call as her editor orders her and photographer Sune to cover the organ theft killings which just happen to have occurred near the site where she is on vacation. Husband Peter is not happy about the reappearance of Sune. He knows about Rebekka’s affection for her photographer. Husband Peter will have much to say. Things will not be pleasant.

Shame on the amateur sleuth reader who could not predict the end of this one. But the journey to the satisfying (to me) ending makes for a terrific read. The best book of the series (to date) I would give this a 4.5 Amazon star rating but I don’t think I can do that.


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