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Who Loves Bruno?

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Look Fast or Die Slow by David Six is the second book in the Bruno & Salvanian series. The first one, In the Time It Takes to Blink impressed me so much that I decided not to read this one right away. The pace of the first book was so fast and dense with action that I wanted to put some space between books one and two. It is a bit like not wanting to read a book of jokes from beginning to end, the edge is just not there; as a reader I become jaded. Coming back to this novel after a breather was good. In my opinion, this book is just as great as the first one. There is one huge coincidence which I will not describe that I am sure will annoy some readers as being too much of a … coincidence. I had no problem with it. This is one of the few novels to which I give five Amazon stars.

The familiar character of Bruno is back trying to solve a mystery with an assorted collection of “crew” that seems to frequently not play well together. It is as if they stumble through to the ending with minimum damage despite their character flaws. Sometimes it seems they are working against each other; this is not a homogenous group.

The humor throughout the novel is dry and amusing and sometimes is laugh-out-loud good. Much of it occurs internally in Bruno’s mind during his self-deprecating moods. The novel opens with Bruno trying to figure out what happened the night before and the name of the naked girl in the kitchen frying bacon. Lots of humor is in the dialogue between these two and it is easy for the reader to like this somewhat free spirit immediately. Until she refuses to go away. Bruno wants her to go away. He is not so much of a people person that he wants to give up living in his abandoned gas station alone.

There was a brutal killing. For the squeamish, here comes a WARNING: the descriptions of killings in this novel are extremely graphic. Creativity of killing might be in the eye of the beholder. Bruno gets called to the police station to see former partner but now police supervisor, Sally. The past tense as far as partner is because Bruno was a burnout years earlier after the death of his wife. His status with the police is a bit murky due to an unaccepted resignation. This gives wiggle room to Sally that can allow her to “hire” him as a consultant. She wants Bruno’s assistance in this case because of a note left in the remains of a victim that said, “Miss me, Bruno?”

The chase is on in a predictable plot model. The presentation is so interesting that the predictability is well hidden. Bruno has too many women which is interesting because he lives in an old gas station as he grieves his dead wife. Kylie is a woman he appreciates as she is insatiable sexually. Lt. Sally might be his “real” love but they spend more time denying their attraction to each other than working together to solve the crime. Sidekick Jaje is a former hustler turned cop under Bruno’s mentorship and will take all the time off he needs to aid Bruno in this case. Information from murky sources unknown to law enforcement is needed. It will be supplied by some gang members living with Jaje’s aunt where they study cooking and even open a bakery. Emily, a lady from the previous novel, visits Bruno. She will also hop into bed with Bruno, fight for space with Kylie, and help solve the latest murders. Lt. Sally is not in Bruno’s bed yet, but she has a boytoy to keep her occupied.

The great story of a weird murder mystery to solve competes with the romantic mystery of who is going to be the last girl sleeping in Bruno’s bed. The two stories will race in tandem with a very strange ending that is about 80% surprise. There are a few well-concealed clues pointing in a direction to a suspect but there is no hint as to motive.

I am going to read more by this author. This is the end of the Bruno & Salvanian books but there are other David Six books to read. Due to the author’s intense writing style, I will take a short break and read other stuff. This was a great read that justified my participation in Kindle Unlimited. I read the book for “free.”

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