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Burning Everything At Both Ends

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Watched Too Long by co-authors Ann Voss Peterson and J. A. Konrath is a fourth book in the Val Ryker series. Ann Voss Peterson is the sole author of the Val Ryker trilogy. In this cooperative writing effort, J. A. Konrath brings in situations and characters from his novels Webcam and Rum Runner but assures us that all novels are standalone stories.

This novel is too funny and humorous to review. Many times, a reviewer will mention that a novel is a laugh-out-loud experience. While I may chuckle occasionally, I usually do not laugh out loud. But I did so with this novel. The humor starts on page one with the introduction of the absurd name of Jet Row. I laughed out loud through pages one and two. Although Jet is not the main protagonist, he will burn himself into your memory.

My second audible expression of amusement, one that startled people around me, was when I read of an attempted killing my condiments. Not as in poisoned condiments, these condiments were fired from a gun. My values might be a bit warped when I can laugh at a person being shot with condiments but there it is.

There is an attempted kidnapping of a young child. The gang contracted to do the kidnapping will join groups as famous as the Keystone Cops and The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight. Some readers may have seen them in the “Home Alone” movies. This gang has four rather than two members. Jet belongs to this gang.

There is no way I can extract and give examples of some of the humor because it is not funny taken out of context. As I read the novel I thought of the fun these two authors must have had throwing hilarious situations back and forth. This gives me another reason to try some of Peterson’s novels. I know Konrath is wickedly funny. In a guilt by association type of thing, I assume Peterson will be similarly sarcastic and disrespectful of norms.

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